TV Aerials & Satellite Installation



Having a television and not being able to watch clear and quality images and videos would be quite disappointing. TV antennas in this case will come in handy as everyone is migrating to the digital connections from the analogue.

AAA Aerials & Security experts will carry this out for you so you’re able to receive clear and quality content from your television. Our digital antenna Newcastle professionals will offer the installations at quite pocket friendly costs to completely match your needs in a timely manner.

With the current shift to modern TV antennas, for a better signal reception you may need your antenna installed at a higher level which may therefore require you to install them on your building’s roof. Our experts will ensure that the installed TV antenna or satellite dish are positioned with less attached cables for an optimal performance. Proper signal strength guarantees quality television audio and picture.

We will adequately install your TV antenna and satellite with proper fixing tools. Moreover, we will properly hide the connection cables, connect all your electrical gadgets, finally tune and calibrate your television and every single thing that it is connected to.

Top Quality

You can expect excellent after-sales service in a friendly, timely manner.

Locally Owned

AAA Aerials is a long established owner/operated TV antenna business based in Newcastle NSW.

The Stages of Antenna Installation

Treating yourself to a satisfactory TV watching experience will not only keep you calm, but you will also have transformed and streamlined your living space. If you are not really confident with carrying out the whole project alone, be sure to hire us for your TV antenna and satellite installation. We will equally be of much help with ongoing maintenance after the installation. Regular check up on your installed system will guarantee you a smoothly operational television system within your entire house.

When you engage our team of TV antenna installation service Newcastle, we will gladly carry out the following;

Choosing the right antenna and satellite dish

Our experts will help you choose the best TV antenna and satellites with high frequencies. This is to be certain of high-quality transmission as well as signal reception. Once we both agree on the most productive one, we will install it for you at the highest space possible for the best reception.

Usage of quality cables

Our TV antenna and satellite Newcastle team will use satellite grade cables which are dual screened as these cables will guarantee quality and enhanced signal conveyance. To minimise the wind effects, we may secure the cable by attaching it to a pole while maintaining the cable at very short lengths.

Keeping the TV antenna and Satellite off hindrances

We ensure that the antennae and the satellite are placed relatively far away from other metallic materials. This will help reduce the cases of signal incorporation that may possibly interfere with the quality of both your video and the audio.


Free quotes are available within a reasonable travelling distance, and with fixed costs for fixed services, quotes by phone or email may also be available for comparison. Please remember though, you get what you pay for in expertise, equipment and all-round customer service.