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I believe a service call to be just that, you have called me out to provide a service. I will not charge just to come out, though if I do anything to rectify the issue, no matter how small or silly the fault is, then a service call will be charged.

I know my service call charges are highly reasonable compared to others.This could entail setting up and tuning of new equipment, re-tuning of existing equipment, reconnecting cables properly, replacing a faulty cable and/or wall plate or just turning on a switch.

I have no problem being called out for personal operator instruction. It’s not much good having a beaut new TV or recorder and not being able to use it. I will spend the time with you to get the most user friendly results, making sure you know how to operate it all. Contact me anytime, if you feel there may be a simpler way to operate your equipment or you just aren’t sure of things.

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