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MPEG 4 Update

August 16, 2017 Transmitter
MPEG 4 Update By now most viewers will be familiar with the newer MPEG 4 channels on some TV’s. Many of these are H/D quality, but unfortunately they are only simulcasts of the parent channel on those particular networks. The good news is Channel Seven launch their MPEG 4 channel in this area on September [...] Read more

Bulahdelah Transmitter Now Operational

Television signals in Bulahdelah and its surrounding areas at times are affected by interference from other television signals using the same channel numbers from outside of the area. This is called co- channel interferences. Its effect can range from digital video and audio break-ups to complete service loss. This interference is particularly bad in the […]

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Transmission Outages

December 16, 2015 Transmitter

TRANSMISSION OUTAGES If all of your TV’s suddenly come up with the no signal message it usually means the transmitter is down. This happens more with the translators than the main transmitter at Mt Sugarloaf. If all the sets say no signal, then there is no signal. The worst thing you can do is re-tune. […]

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MPEG 4 Issue

December 10, 2015 Transmitter

Many would now be aware of Prime’s new horse racing channel (Melbourne races) channel number 68. MPEG2 is the standard transmission and MPEG4 is a compressed signal to take up less room on the band. Channel 68 and the two shopping channels 64 and 65 now transmit in MPEG4. Older televisions may not receive these […]

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Gan Gan Transmitter

December 8, 2015 Transmitter

Regional Broadcasters Australia (RBAH) Will finalise work soon in the Port Stephens area to upgrade the digital television transmission coverage. This upgrade will now provide viewers who suffer from interference or poor reception more options for receiving their television signal. The project has involved the upgrading of an existing site, Gan Gan, and the establishment […]

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