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Satellite dish installations

This could be for Foxtel or the Vast service, which is free to air digital TV for areas where there is not good enough signal from a TV antenna.

The Vast service uses a card which has to be authorised/activated and I will do that for you.

Foxtel and Vast work off the same satellite so if you have Foxtel, no re-alignment is necessary for Vast, but you may have to change a part on the dish and/or run another line in.

Extra TV services available on satellite

You can also receive Christian or ethnic channels with re-alignment of the dish.

These channels use a different receiver to Vast which I can supply also and no card is needed.

You may have lost some of the Christian channels because they are now being transmitted in MPEG 4 which is high definition, and a new receiver would be needed to recover them.

Change to high definition satellite receiver

This is the same principle as the free to air set top boxes, where some were only capable of receiving standard definition channels and not the H/D channels.

I would advise replacing the receiver soon, as more free to air channels received from a satellite dish will be moving to H/D and you take the chance of losing everything.

Whatever your satellite needs are, contact us and we would be happy to call out for a free quote.

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