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Mast Removals

Do you still have an ugly old tall mast and/or antennas on your roof?

We supply a pull-down only service or can pull it down, cut it up and take it away also.

Old antennas, facia brackets and un-guyed small roof mounts, will be removed and disposed of within the price of a new installation.

Please be mindful that if you leave things until the mast or wires break or the whole thing falls over, then you risk damage to your property. While your TV is working, many people don’t notice the condition of the rusty old mast on their roof. No mast will last forever outside in the elements.

Please be aware also that the worse the condition of the mast and wires are, the harder it is for us to perform the job of getting it down safely, without causing any damage if it snaps.

Give us a call anytime for a free inspection if you have any concerns.

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Roof Mount

newcastle tv aerial mast removal

House Master

newcastle tv aerial mast removal


newcastle tv aerial mast removal

Some properties still have masts or towers mounted at the side or back of the house. These are usually made from water-pipe and are very heavy.

AAA Aerials can service antennas mounted on these masts, or we can telescope or totally remove the mast/tower and re-locate your antenna if desired.