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Antenna Installation

I offer a full digital TV antenna installation and repair service. Digital TV began transmission in Australia in 2001 and the Newcastle area in 2002.

You can have good TV reception in any area, either by TV antenna or satellite dish.

With television antennas, it is simply a matter of what frequencies the antenna is designed to receive, not the type of signal being transmitted. (No such thing as a digital antenna!)

The only signal being transmitted for television nowadays is digital, and your existing antenna may be suitable. The frequencies may be different so your antenna could need relocating. As long as the frequencies needed are in the same range your antenna is made for, you will receive the signal.

It is rare to have to change your TV antenna because of a digital reception issue. It is possible however, if it is not performing sufficiently because of corrosion or is damaged in some other way.

If you would simply like to update your antenna then I can accommodate you also, with a realistic warranty on a high performing product.

There are many newly established antenna installers in Newcastle and I would like you to contact me, as I have the experience to supply and install the right TV antenna for your particular situation. There are 6 transmitters in the general Newcastle area and not all antennas are suitable for all locations, so experience does matter.

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There are really only 3 designs of antennas I would ever need to use for any situation.


This is the basic UHF antenna I most commonly need to use. This Topline brand 13 element Yagi antenna is designed and sold by an Australian antenna supplier who took the time to get it right. This is a more directional antenna.

After testing, I have found that this antenna out performs any other brand of this size and design of antenna that I have ever used. It is manufactured in China using Australian specifications. Don’t be misled, I believe even Hills have 2 factories in China.

Log Periodic

I have only ever needed to install a handful of these antennas. These are used in locations where signals from multiple transmitters are being received, causing conflict.

This Italian Fracarro brand of antenna diminishes signals being received in the back or sides of the antenna, very handy where needed.

Phased Array

This proven and trusted antenna has been around for many years. I use this original German WISI-EE06 antenna where maximum signal gain into an amplifier is needed.

I have found this outperforms all other antennas that I have tested of the same design, in both signal gain and uniformity. These antennas did have a considerable trade price increase some years ago, but I’ll still pay the extra for ultimate performance.