New NBN TV Services

On the 1st of March NBN will introduce 2 new services to Northern New South Wales.

They are 9HD and 9LIFE. These are in addition to the current NBN, 9GEM, 9GO and EXTRA services.


The Channel Line-up after March 1, will be:

8 – NBN (In Standard Definition)

80 – 9HD (The new service in High Definition) (MPEG4)

81 – NBN (In Standard Definition)

82 – 9GEM (In Standard Definition)

83 – 9GO! (In Standard Definition)

84 – 9LIFE (The New Service in Standard Definition)

85 – EXTRA (In Standard Definition)

88 – 9GO! (In Standard Definition)


Please note:

The new 9HD channel on number 80 is transmitted in the same format as the new Prime Racing.Com channel on number 68. If you don’t get the new Prime channel, you also won’t get the new NBN channel. This will mean your receiver is incompatible. There is no problem with your antenna.

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