MPEG 4 Issues

MPEG 4 Issues

In Sydney, I believe the TEN network is now running their parent channel in H/D on ch 13.

The Seven network will have theirs running soon also. This may mean our local equivalent broadcasters may be not too far away from giving us H/D quality.

All these H/D services are being broadcast in the compressed MPEG 4 signal.

I have a few clients who’s equipment is letting them down not being able to receive this signal and with more H/D services soon available it would be a good idea to update, especially with the Dick Smith closure and I think you’ll find other retailers will have many specials in a bid to keep up in the next 6 odd weeks before DSE shuts their doors for good.

I have orders in, when more MPEG channels arrive, for set top boxes all over again for clients with multiple TV’s who just can’t spend the money on replacing all TV’s in one go. This is also an option.

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