MPEG 4 Issue

Many would now be aware of Prime’s new horse racing channel (Melbourne races) channel number 68. MPEG2 is the standard transmission and MPEG4 is a compressed signal to take up less room on the band. Channel 68 and the two shopping channels 64 and 65 now transmit in MPEG4. Older televisions may not receive these channels. Some equipment receives audio only.

Not receiving these channels may not be an issue at the moment because of the current content available, but eventually many broadcasters will transmit this way, and your TV will start dropping out channels that you do want. These TV’s can’t be updated and would need replacing. A cheaper alternative would be an MPEG4 compatible set top box.

I don’t have a time frame on when more broadcasters will convert but it will happen and I will post when I know. Freeing up bandwidth will enable extra channels to be transmitted.

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