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December 8, 2015 Transmitter

Regional Broadcasters Australia (RBAH)

Will finalise work soon in the Port Stephens area to upgrade the digital television transmission coverage. This upgrade will now provide viewers who suffer from interference or poor reception more options for receiving their television signal. The project has involved the upgrading of an existing site, Gan Gan, and the establishment of a new site, Wallaroo. After Thursday the 10th of December work at the two sites will be completed and both will be on the air.

Some information on the sites:

Gan Gan

This site has been upgraded in a twofold process. Firstly the pattern of the transmission signal has been altered to make it broader, and secondly the transmit power of the site has been increased. The combination of the two upgrades now makes this site available to more households across this area.

New householders who wish to use this site, should consult an antenna installer who will have information on these changes, and is in the best position to ascertain as to whether this site will be appropriate for their location.


Wallaroo is near near Balickera, which is located 13km NE of Raymond Terrace.

All five broadcasters (NBN, Prime, Southern Cross Ten, ABC and SBS) will be broadcast from this new site. Viewers are advised to contact an antenna installer to ascertain if you can receive the broadcast from this new location.