Bulahdelah Transmitter Now Operational

Television signals in Bulahdelah and its surrounding areas at times are affected by interference from other television signals using the same channel numbers from outside of the area. This is called co- channel interferences. Its effect can range from digital video and audio break-ups to complete service loss. This interference is particularly bad in the Spring and Summer months.

Bulahdelah and it’s surrounding areas are valuable to this co-channel interference.

Site Information

Currently Bulahdelah residents can only receive TV services from Mt Sugarloaf. By installing a dedicated local TV transmitter site immune from co channel interference the problem will be almost completely overcome, provider that viewers adjust their TV antenna systems to take advantage of the new transmission site. The site will carry NBN, PRIME7, SCTEN, ABC and SBS broadcast services.

Bulahdelah Transmitter Site– Located near the Council Water Tank off the Pacific Highway, Bulahdelah

It is always a good idea to consult an antenna installer, as you may need your antenna moved to a different part of the roof. If an installer uses the new local transmitter this will result in more signal out of the air into the antenna, and the use of your existing amplifier may be detrimental and therefore, need to be changed or maybe not needed at all.

You may even be suffering interference now because of the extra signals in the air if you currently have a high gain amplifier installed. I do service this area usually of a morning, so feel free to contact me anytime that suits.   

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